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A Busytown Birthday

(It appears that clicking on the image above no longer brings you to a gallery of images, so I’ve posted them below)

My son has been smitten with Richard Scarry’s Busytown characters since June, when he picked up two of his books while we were on vacation. They were in Italian, but that didn’t matter. He poured […]

Tooth Pillow

It’s been milestone city around here lately: Parker started kindergarten, turned 5 and lost his first tooth all within a week. It makes me sad, yet also a little excited because it means I can finally renew my driver’s license and replace the horrible picture that was taken one-week post-partum.

It’s unclear whether the tooth […]

Felted Farm

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My friend Annmarie introduced me to felting a few months ago, and since then I’ve made some wet-felted beads, Easter eggs (see my article and audio slideshow on my tutorial page) and a few needle-felted animals, including a hummingbird that my son thought was either a seal or an airplane. So I wasn’t particularly […]

Eco-friendly construction

At a yardsale earlier this summer, I picked up the “Woman’s Day Book of Best-Loved Toys & Dolls” published in 1982. It’s full of slightly creepy-looking dolls, a hideous satin teddy bear billed as “a smooth and shining example of the latest style in bears” and a ridiculously complex Star Wars play set that required […]

Reversible, buttonless wrap dress

Here’s one of my two tutorials that were chosen as “Best of 2008” by I know summer is almost over, but this little dress also could be made in heavier fabric and worn as a jumper.

My goal here was a dress for a friend’s daughter that 1) was reversible 2) didn’t include buttons on both sides because […]