October 2009
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Ready for takeoff…

Update: Here’s my little astronaut, heading out for some tricks and treats. Sadly, I am at home with the flu and won’t even get to shrug off any praise his costume attracts.  “Oh, that? Just a little duct tape!” I had imagined myself saying. Sigh. Hopefully I will be better by tomorrow when we hit the streets again. Click […]

The $7.95 (plus $5.95, plus $5.95…) Astronaut Costume

(UPDATE: Click HERE to see the final result in action)

I was all set to sew my son a fairly easy white jumpsuit to make his astronaut Halloween costume when I came up with what seemed like a great idea: turning a thrift-store snowsuit into a spacesuit. […]

Scrappy Color Book Tutorial

This little book is my entry into the Scrap Busters contest at Sew, Mama, Sew! Today’s the contest deadline, but I’m trying not to look at it as waiting until the last minute but rather focusing on, “I have finished a Christmas gift in October!” The recipient will be my cousin’s baby, who probably will mostly be interested in […]

Polka-dot Pumpkin

Here’s the centerpiece I came up with for our apple-picking party and harvest dinner earlier this month: a needle-felted pumpkin. I took small pieces of wool roving, maybe 1/4 inch wide and a few inches long,  jabbed the ends into the pumpkin and then wrappedthe roving into a spiral to make circles, needle felting as I went […]

Dinosaur Play Mat


An article I wrote last year for CRAFT magazine has now been posted online! Click below to check out the step-by-step instructions, and downloadable templates:

How to: Make a Dinosaur […]

Halloween Snow Globes (minus the snow)

We have been having an annual apple picking party and harvest dinner for about 10 years now, and for the last three or four, I’ve set up a craft table for the kids. I’d like to say that the projects have gotten more involved because the kids are getting older, which is true, but also I […]

Pantyhose Pumpkins

We made these cute pantyhose pumpkins last year at our annual apple-picking party and they were a big hit with the 20 kids ages 3-8 who attended. To save money and time, I cut the pantyhose legs in half and gave each child two pieces to tie together, resulting in mini-pumpkins. This year, I […]

Reversible 4-in-1 Cape

Surprisingly, my son has yet to waver from his desire to be an astronaut for Halloween this year, but here’s something I made him last year in an attempt to cover his ever-changing alter-egos: a reversible, 4-in-1 cape. With two colors to choose from plus button-on embellishments and a button-on hood, he can quickly transform himself from […]