January 2010
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Handmade Mini Treehouse

I’m finally getting around to posting what probably was my son’s favorite Christmas gift, and it is one for which I can take only the smallest sliver of credit. I suggested to my husband that our 5-year-old might like a mini treehouse like this one, but I was sure we could make one for far less […]

Be My Valentine (but keep your germs to yourself)

I have no idea what we’ll do this year yet, but last year I made 20 tissue cozies for my son’s preschool classmates. I’m sure the kids would’ve preferred candy but figured the parents would appreciate the tissues during cold and flu season.

Depending on how far you want to carry the theme, attach a […]

Gifts for far-flung friends

I just spent three days with my best friend who lives much, much too far away. In addition to the good company and good food, I also got a chance to see her family and inspect whether they REALLY liked the Christmas gifts I sent them. Though I’m sure it’s possible they only took them out […]

Wilbur’s New Home

Another successful gift! I made this needle-felted farm back in October (see more pictures and a mini-tutorial HERE) but didn’t add the finishing touch — the pig — until last month, just in time to give it to my 4-year-old niece for Christmas. And I found the Charlotte’s Web book I had bought for her on […]

The Princess and the Pea

Tomorrow I’m giving the last of my Christmas gifts to my cousin’s four little daughters and their baby brother. The baby is getting the¬†color book I made back in October. The girls are getting cupcake and ice cream¬†charms I made last month and this Princess and the Pea book and play set I finished […]