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The Princess and the Pea

Tomorrow I’m giving the last of my Christmas gifts to my cousin’s four little daughters and their baby brother. The baby is getting the color book I made back in October. The girls are getting cupcake and ice cream charms I made last month and this Princess and the Pea book and play set I finished this morning. (the advantages of not seeing them until after Christmas!) I’ve been wanting to make a set like this since seeing Amanda Soule’s version.

The book is by Lauren Child. To make the doll,  I scanned the picture from the front cover, removed the background using Photoshop and printed it on iron-on transfer paper. I used fabric I already had for the mattresses and used thin batting in between the layers. I think if I were to make this again I’d use thicker batting but overall I was pleased with the result. Two of the mattresses are made from pre-quilted fabric I had leftover from another project but for the others I didn’t bother doing any quilting. The blanket is cut from an old thermal blanket that was my son’s when he was a baby (and I will admit, even though he is now five and I am not having any more babies, it was a little sad to cut into it. Even though I still have several more.) Hemming the raw edges had the unintentional but pretty effect of creating a slightly scalloped border.

The pea is wet-felted. I can’t remember where I saw the idea to make a little pocket in one mattress for the pea, but it is a great one. The little pillow case is a tiny simplied version of my pillowcase tutorial found on my tutorials page.

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