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Reduce, Reuse, Recyclebot

My son decided yesterday that 6:23 a.m. was the perfect time to go through his clothes and “find the stuff that doesn’t fit and use it to make clothes for my critters,” (i.e., stuffed animals). While I have yet to provide Fat Kitty, Skinny Kitty or Huckle with any new clothing, I did go through his clothes, find the stuff that doesn’t fit and turn some of his shirts and new-and-improved versions thanks to this tutorial by Betz White that I have been meaning to try for a long time.

Transforming two ┬álong-sleeved shirts into one faux-layered shirt was surprisingly easy. Part of me thought, “Is it really worth it to save shirts that I probably spent $4 each on at Target and could just pass along to my nephew?” But there was something very satisfying about this project, and I can always hand the shirts down once he outgrows them a second time.

For the short-sleeved shirt, I used two short-sleeved t-shirts (duh) and used the technique for the bottom hem on the sleeves as well, since I wanted to keep the original hemmed sleeve of the outer shirt. Very easy!

2 comments to Reduce, Reuse, Recyclebot

  • That is an awesome job! I need to go back and see the tutorial. Love the layered look :-)

  • Hi Holly, You visited my (very modest) blog awhile back and I wanted to visit yours! I’m adding you to my reader, your projects are right up my alley.
    I love your t-shirts. I have 3 boys (and a girl-tomboy). That’s a great way to extend the use of some of their favorite t’s. One of my sons gets especially attached to them and actually gets teary when we put them away! –BTW “recycle bot” shirt is too awesome.

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