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Paintbox Quilt

My son’s surgery went well, and we are home after a rough night in the hospital. He likes his new robot very much and is still thinking about what to name him. I’m too exhausted to do any sewing/crafting today, but have been meaning to post a picture of a work in progress, the Paintbox Quilt-a-long at Oh, Fransson! It started back in January, so I’m getting a late start and have done 26 of the 80 (!) blocks so far. I really don’t know why I am taking on this project because for the first time ever, I am starting a quilt without a recipient in mind. I want to keep it for myself, actually, but it really doesn’t go with the decor in any room of my house. I am doing the scrappy blocks, which will require 160 different prints plus 40 solids. (I’m pairing four prints with each solid. The directions call for 5 but there is no way I could find that many). I bought the Kona roll-up strips for the solids and am trying to see how many prints I can get out of my fabric stash. Luckily, there are a lot of blues in the solid strips and I have a lot of blue prints leftover from my son’s colorwheel quilt, but I already know I’ll have to buy some yellows and purples. But I think it will be pretty neat to see the finished quilt come together using so many different scraps from so many different projects.¬†¬†Some of the scraps I’m using are close to 10 years old!

I had a definitely “duh!” moment in starting these blocks. This is the first quilt I’ve started since getting my new sewing machine last year and using the 1/4″ foot. My seams still were more than 1/4″ though, until I finally figured out I can move the needle position just a tiny bit to make the seams come out just right. I still have some blocks that are a bit wonky, but overall, I’m finding I’m not having to stretch or persuade the pieces to fit together like I have with past projects.

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  • so glad to hear your son is doing ok holly.
    i like your paint box quilt. i thought about joining this quiltalong, but resisted…but now i am in one on flickr a quilt as you go…I am right with you for a need of purple and yellow fabrics! i simply have none!

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