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Paintbox Quilt Top

Here’s the finished top to my Paintbox Quilt from the quilt-a-long at Oh, Fransson! (turned 90 degrees so it wouldn’t drag on the floor). I wasn’t going to post any pictures of this quilt until I was done, but I have a bad feeling I’m going to mess up the quilting so I might as well show it off in its pristine state. I’ve never made a quilt this big and the thought of basting it and then maneuvering it through my sewing machine to quilt it is quite intimidating. Though a lot of the other quilt-a-long participants are using a stippling quilting pattern, I think I’m going to go with wonky, narrow lines because the few times I’ve done stippling have not been fun, and I know I’d have trouble keeping a consistent look if I stopped and started a lot.

The quilt top looked so pretty hanging up in my dining room, I’m tempted to call it curtain and be done with it.

5 comments to Paintbox Quilt Top

  • Oh, it’s gorgeous! Glad to know I’m not the only one intimidated by the quilting part. I still haven’t finished my first quilt, made out of my daughter’s baby clothes – she’s turning 5 soon!!

  • Chris Clark

    Look up a tutorial for basting using basting spray. It’s tricky to find a large enough spot for a big quilt (you do not want to use basting spray in your house, especially on carpet) but if you do, it’s totally worth it. No pinning. No basting stitches, and it stays together beautifully. Just make sure to spray both sides – for example if you are spraying the backing, spray the batting that will touch the backing too – doubling up makes it super secure. Here’s a pretty good example, without the double spraying, I get my basting spray at JoAnn’s or Walmart. It’s not the stickiest, so maybe that’s why I double spray. Anyway, try it. It’s awesome!

  • Good luck! I’ve switched to using Sulky spray glue for my quilting, I tried pins, I tried basting stitches from the center out, oh what a failure, I was so mad. Now I just spray glue in my driveway. Sulky has less toxic death on it’s label, that’s why I use that one.

  • […] STILL haven’t finished the Paintbox Quilt I started months ago, but in the meantime, I used half of the little pieces I cut out for the […]

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