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Good Friends are Better than Ice Cream

We had a very casual party on Saturday to thank all our friends who were so generous when our son had his tonsils out last month. It really made us realize what a wonderful community we live in. Two of Parker’s friends used the same local gift basket company to send him some treats a few days apart, and the owner realized that and made sure to include different items, and even added a little picture drawn by her 6-year-old son (and fellow tonsillectomy survivor!). We decided to have an outdoor ice cream party, since now that some time has passed, Parker is enjoying ice cream again. (within days of his surgery he was sooo sick of ice cream. Poor thing was begging for crackers. (Our deck used to be a car port for an RV, but since we we are not planning on ever owning a Winnebago, my husband and a friend built a low deck under it a few years ago). We were lucky we had perfect weather, sunny and in the 80s (this, just a few days after snow flurries!).

The only decorating I did consisted of a very quick and easy garland made of felt circles cut with the Olfa Circle Rotary Cutter I bought a few months ago and hadn’t really tried out. It made cutting the circles a breeze, though it took some getting used to. It’s a bit pricey, but I waited until I had a coupon and got it on sale online at Joann’s. After I cut out a bunch of circles, I just sewed down the middle with my sewing machine, leaving a few inches of stitches in between each circle.

We bought A LOT of different ice cream flavors and set out little bowls of toppings. I made homemade hot fudge and butterscotch sauce, both from Yum!

2 comments to Good Friends are Better than Ice Cream

  • I saw those circles in the top of the first picture and thought, ‘oh! a circle garland! not triangles! I like it!’ of course you made it. And something for cutting circles out of felt? Why don’t I have one! Does it work? I wonder if I could just tape my rotary cutter to something, I never thought of that.

  • […] tipsThere’s very little to write in addition to the title, because that explains it all. Stitch/Craft shares an awesomely fun and easy ice cream party they recently hosted. Nothing fancy, nothing expensive, just friends, fun and frozen […]

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