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Princess & the Pea, the sequel

I was asked to make another “Princess and the Pea” play set like the two I made as Christmas gifts, but this time, I wanted the mattresses to look more like, well, mattresses, rather than quilts. So I used a sheet of foam instead of batting and made the corners of each mattress cover boxy. If you’ve ever made a purse or tote bag with a squared-off bottom, you already know how to do this technique. But here’s a little tutorial in case you want to try it:

1) You need 1 yard of 1/2″ thick foam. It’s a bit pricey, but I used a coupon at Jo-ann Fabric and I think it cost about $6 for the sheet.

From the sheet of foam, cut 12 rectangles, each 7 X 9 inches. (You’ll have a strip of foam left over). You also need 12 different fabrics. I originally planned to mix solids and prints, but ended up switching to all prints.

2) Cut 2 rectangles from each fabric, 8 X 10 inches each.

3) Using a 1/4″ seam allowance, sew around the rectangles, leaving a 3″ opening at one short end.

4) This is the tricky part to explain. Pinch the corner of the rectangle so the two seams are on top of each other. I find it easiest to finger-press the seams open.

Sew across this triangle, perpendicular to the seam, ¬†1/4″down ¬†from the point of the “V” shape made by the seam allowances.

5) Repeat for each corner, trimming off the extra fabric

6) Turn the mattress cover right-side out and insert the foam. I rolled the foam lengthwise into a tube shape then pushed it into the cover.

It takes a bit of fiddling, but it was easier than I expected.

7) Sew the opening closed using a ladder stitch or whip stitch.

As I did with the original version, I scanned the cover of the “Princess and the Pea” book by Lauren Child, edited it in Photoshop to remove the background and printed it on iron-on transfer paper. I transferred the image to white fabric, and made a simple flat doll. The pea was a wet-felted ball, and a sewed a little pocket onto the bottom of one of the mattress covers so it wouldn’t get lost. I used my pillowcase tutorial HERE to make the little pillowcase, and the blanket was cut from one of my son’s old baby blankets, hemmed with one of the fancy stitches on my sewing machine.

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8 comments to Princess & the Pea, the sequel

  • So beautiful. Possibly the sweetest little thing I’ve ever seen. I saw the first one you made, and they are both really great. You are so talented!

  • Ooooh, I keep meaning to do this! Maybe I will try foam too.

  • Sarah

    The foam turned out great! These really are a labor of love, but the result is definitely worth it. My sister says my niece still plays with the one I made her in March every day. My favorite part is the doll to match the book.

  • This is perfectly adorable.

  • TJ

    You are getting better & better at making these toys. I loved the earlier version, but this one I love even more. So fun & cute. Thanks for the tutorial.

  • Absolutely adorable. Can’t wait to make some of our own.

  • oh…this one is really cute!! love how you made the mattresses…i want to re-do mine now!!! thanks for sharing :)

  • Leonie

    I commented on your earlier version..this one even more adorable! I actually posted a comment asking if you would be interested in making a set to sell. I would love to hear from you..

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