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A present a week, Week 3

I’m really glad I decided to participate in the “present a week ’til Christmas” challenge at Work in Progress . For those who are checking out my projects there, I have two new gifts posted. Here’s a sneak peek at the latest:

If you missed my earlier post and want the address to the “hidden” blog where I’m […]

Farewell Friends

paper cutout shadowbox frame […]

A present a week ’til Christmas

A friend and fellow-crafter and I have decided to join the “present a week ’til Christmas” challenge at Work in Progress in hopes of avoiding piles of unfinished (or more likely, not even started) projects in November. Hopefully the incentive _ a chance to win some great fabric _ will help motivate us. (I just found out […]

Candied Cardamom Pear Contest

Not that my husband DESERVES any visitors to his own blog after insulting my latest sewing project, but if any of my readers would like to win a $25 Whole Foods gift certificate, he is running a contest. There’s only 1 lonely entry right now, so your odds are pretty good. Just leave him a comment  here […]

Matronly? Really?

OK, I need some honest opinions here. Don’t be shy. I’ve already had my own husband hurt my feelings, so a few harsh words from strangers shouldn’t faze me. (Just an aside, it drives me crazy when I see people write “phase” when they mean “faze.”)

This is Simplicity 2599, View E (minus the bow at the neck) […]

The Cat/Kid from Outer Space

On Saturday night, we  watched “The Cat from Outer Space,” a 1978 Disney movie my husband remembers fondly  (I had only a vague memory of it). He’s been wanting to share it with our son, since Parker is the same age we were when the movie came out. It hadn’t been available through Amazon’s on-demand movie […]

Happy 4th!

(Confetti rockets made using this tutorial […]

Patriotic, patchwork, pinwheel picnic blanket/tote

Just in time for the 4th of July (well, just in time for me… if you want to make one, this is probably too late), here’s a waterproof picnic blanket that folds into its own tote bag.

I was inspired by the “quillow” play mats I made last summer, so I decided to expand that idea into […]