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A present a week, Week 12

Here’s a glimpse of my entry for this week’s “A Gift a Week ‘Til Christmas” challenge at Works in Progress. As usual, I’m posting it on my “hidden” blog so the recipient won’t see. Leave me a comment or send me an e-mail if you don’t have […]

Summer Dresses

Now that it’s fall, I’m finally getting around to posting the two dresses I made this summer, both for the same wedding. The first was Burda 8071, the one I posted earlier asking advice on whether to add the flounce around the bottom. I did not end up going with the flounce, in large part because […]

Earthquake Quilt Block

Deb from Works in Progress is collecting blue and red quilt blocks to make a quilt for victims of the recent earthquake in New Zealand, where she lives. I’ve been participating in her “Gift a Week ’til Christmas” challenge and have been lucky enough to win the weekly fabric prize several times, so it was the […]

The Birthday From Outer Space

handmade birthday party stuffed cat […]

Our newest guest…

The cardboard hotel I posted about last week has a new guest on the […]

Critter Hotel

My few longtime readers might remember the cardboard skyscraper I made for my son last year based on a project in a book I found at a yardsale: “Woman’s Day Book of Best-Loved Toys & Dolls” published in 1982. Over the last few weeks, we tackled another project from the book, the cardboard apartment building. This […]

Pop-out Photos Tutorial

AP Photo/Holly Ramer

I’ve written a tutorial for the pop-out/3-D pictures I’ve been making as gifts. You can read my AP story here.

(I always find it funny to see where the craft stories I write for AP end up. It gets sent out as part of our “lifestyles” package. Some websites put it under “health.” Others […]

Cookbook Winner

Thanks for all the great suggestions for things I could make to give along with the book, and for your kind words.  And my husband is very thankful to have picked up a few new blog readers.

The winner is: MaryAnne at Mama Smiles! Please send me a note at hollyrh at gmail dot com with […]

Cookbook Giveaway

I’m interrupting this craft blog with a little non-crafty giveaway: my husband’s new cookbook! It is available at bookstores now, and he will be promoting it tomorrow morning (Monday) on Good Morning America! So please tune in between 8:30 and 9, and leave a comment below if you’d like to win the book. Of course I’m […]

A present a week, Week 8

Something new for this week’s entry into the “present a week ’til Christmas” challenge at Works in Progress. I won again last week, bringing my total to three out of the six weeks I’ve entered! At this rate, I will have to make even more gifts to keep up with the new fabric I’m winning!
Instead of […]