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Paintbox Quilt

Wow. I can’t believe this quilt is finally done. This is the Paintbox Quilt by Oh,Fransson! that I started back in March. I basted it in June (first time using a basting spray. It worked very well. I can only imagine how much heavier this quilt would’ve been with a million safety pins in it), quilted […]

A Present a Week, Week 16

Eight weeks ’til Christmas! I just realized that I had a lot of vacation days carried over from past years, so I am taking a week off in November. Which means it is very likely I will accomplish my goal of finishing all Christmas-gift-related sewing and crafting in November, leaving December free for relaxation (ok, probably […]

Happy Birthday Ned-or-Evan

Two of my son’s best buddies are a pair of identical twins named Ned and Evan. For a good six months after meeting them, he (and I) were unable to tell them apart. (I’m a twin myself, but look nothing like my sister). So Parker was always telling me stories about his adventures with his pals […]

Halloween Crafts

I’m finding myself in the odd position of having churned out dozens of Christmas ornaments in the last month or so, yet have made almost nothing for Halloween. I finally convinced my son to help me make this cheesecloth ghost last weekend, but I think that’s about all we’re going to get done. I used this […]

It isn’t easy being (married to someone) green….

When I first met my husband, I thought maybe he was color blind. Either that, or he wore the same thing every day. Everything he wore seemed to be the same dark Army-green color. Eventually, I convinced him to branch out a bit and try some blue. After all, he has beautiful blue eyes! He then […]

Fabric Flowers


There are a mind-boggling number of tutorials out there on how to make fabric flowers. I made these recently using a pair of tutorials at Mary Janes & Galoshes, but there are dozens more I’d like to try at Oopsey Daisy. Here are my two cents, in the form of two tips:

1) Many of the tutorials that […]

Preserving Autumn

The fall foliage here in New Hampshire  is spectacular. I hate that it comes and goes so quickly, though, so this year I’ve been expermenting with preserving leaves. It has not been a particularly satisfying experience! Here’s a rundown of techniques I tried:

ironing leaves between sheets of waxed paper, which was supposed to leave them coated with […]

Purse organizer and ornaments

I made my sister a tote bag as part of her birthday present and since the pattern had no pockets, I made this purse organizer/insert to go with it. The idea is that you could easily switch from one purse or bag to another by removing the insert. I found the tutorial at the Fredericton Quilters’ […]

Candy Corn Cuteness

Even though I don’t have a little girl, and even though I don’t like the taste of candy corn, I am oddly drawn to all the cute candy corn crafts out there this time of year. Woman’s Day Magazine (which also has a huge spread on my husband’s cookbook this month!) had a bunch of decorating […]

A Present a Week, Week 13

Here’s a glimpse of my entry for this week’s “A Gift a Week ‘Til Christmas” challenge at Works in Progress. As usual, I’m posting it on my “hidden” blog so the recipient won’t see. Leave me a comment or send me an e-mail if you don’t have […]