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Holiday Giveaway

I have this week off from work and am determined to finish making most of the Christmas gifts I have planned. I’m already off to a great start, thanks to the weekly challenge at Works in Progress, but I really want to get a lot done this week so I can spend more time just enjoying December. To kick of the week and help get myself in the holiday giving spirit, I’m giving away a copy of “Holiday with Matthew Mead,” a 144-page “book-a-zine” full of beautiful holiday decorating ideas and recipes.

If you read “Country Living” or “Better Homes and Gardens,” then you’ve seen Matthew’s work before. We were surprised to learn a few years ago that he lives just a few towns over from us here in New Hampshire. Last year, my husband hired him to prepare, style and photograph all the recipes for his new cookbook and we were thrilled with the results.

You can get one of my husband’s new recipes in the holiday magazine:

along with page after page of holiday inspiration (there’s only two pages of ads). Many of the features focus on one color, which I found really appealing. I think my own holiday decorating can get kind of cluttered. Trying a more monochromatic in various spots look might be the way to go. I was especially drawn to these cute little snowmen:

The magazine is only available through the Holiday With Matthew Mead website, or you might win a copy by leaving a comment below! In the spirit of the holidays, there are no hoops to jump through, any old comment will do! But if you’re feeling generous, I’m working on a craft article for AP about turning kids’ artwork into Christmas gifts, so if you have ideas, please share! Oh! And I am in desperate need of ideas for a handmade gift for my son’s (male) first grade teacher. “Teacher gift” ideas tend to be pretty feminine. This guy is an avid hiker and rides a motorcycle.

I’ll pick a winner Thursday morning.

12 comments to Holiday Giveaway

  • Deonne

    Love the snowmen! Would be so cute to do with kids!

  • Handmade kid art paper makes great wrapping paper in our house – you don’t feel bad because you just threw it away, but it wasn’t really gallery ready (we do hang a lot of our art, we just can’t hang it all!) Especially if you get them painting with red and green. Abstracts. Or stamping.

    As far as a teacher gift, even manly men will sometimes wear ear-warmers, or manly cowls instead of scarves, especially if they are made to be manly, with a skull and crossbones, etc.

    Would love to win – fingers crossed! Keep up the great blog!

  • Amy in ne

    That’s a tough gift. Homemade Trail mix?

  • Looks like a great mag-book! The first thing that popped in my mind was “motorcycle tree ornament”? But that’s probably just my Monday morning brain talking! :)

  • Ann

    Looks like a fun book to try – – –

  • Rhonda Roebuck

    New mag looks like great ideas!

  • Elizabeth

    Teacher gifts: I really like perusing Family Fun’s ideas. Painting on a stainless water bottle could be good, making some note paper with “manly” drawings (by a certain 1st grader, of course) on the bottom could be good.

    Thanks for mentioning “enjoying December.” Always my goal–but I think you are a little further along than I towards it!

  • I like Elizabeth’s paint a stainless steel water bottle idea as a teacher gifts, and we sometimes cut our kids’ artwork into Christmas silhouettes and hang them on the tree =)

  • alison b

    I’m always in search of more inspiration!

  • April

    I think you’ll find the comments on this Ohdeedoh article particularly helpful, since several teachers chimed in.

    The overwhelming response seems to be: Write a nice note, or better yet, have your child write a very nice note. If you want to include an actual object as a gift, something for the classroom (like a gift card to Michael’s, etc.) would be appreciated.

    Seems gender neutral enough. He may be a biker dude, but he’s still an elementary teacher. :)

  • As kids we would make homemade caramel corn for teachers, instead you could make homemade granola or granola bars and reusable snack bags for hiking.
    The magazine looks great.

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