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Acorn Napkin Rings

AP photo/Holly Ramer

Does anyone actually use napkin rings? I have to admit, I don’t, though I came up with these three versions for a Thanksgiving craft story I wrote for AP.  The first version, with the bell,  is a bit fancier than the others, though it is probably the easiest to make. The second version is a felted wool ball sewn onto a strip of felted wool sweater. The third version is my favorite. Can you guess what the acorn is made of?  ……………. CRAYONS! I had seen a tutorial online for making beeswax acorns by creating a mold out of Play-Doh and then filling it with melted beeswax, so I decided to try it with crayons, and it worked!

You can see more pictures and get instructions for all three projects by clicking below:

Associated Press Acorn Napkin Rings

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3 comments to Acorn Napkin Rings

  • I love the idea of making crayon molds out of play doh!

  • The crayons are great. What a great idea to help keep little kids busy when they might be done eating and adults are still talking. The small crayons also appeal to the occupational therapist side of me, the small crayons are great for little fingers.

  • Crayon acorns! BRilliant! And I hadn’t heard about making molds out of playdough. I wonder if it works okay with home made dough? That would be a fun project.

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