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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’ve seen a lot of blog posts and Facebook updates today in which people complain about not being “into” Valentine’s Day or about it being a “Hallmark holiday.” But I like it, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that! Now, I can see how if you are lonely it must be painful to have this holiday where romance is shoved in your face. But if you’re in a good relationship? Why not use it as a chance to show a little extra love, in whatever way you deem appropriate? To those who say  “Why do I need a holiday to tell me to show my love? I can do that any day of the year?” I say, if you’re the type who DOES regularly do nice little things for your mate or surprise them with small tokens of affection, then fine. But if you’re NOT, what’s so wrong about doing it on this day? I mean, I can show my son love every day and buy and make him stuff all year, but I still celebrate his birthday…

Anyway, I will step off my soapbox now and share this adorable little card my son made me:
My husband surprised me yesterday by taking Parker to a birthday party (outside! Snow tubing… brrrr) and leaving me a very sweet card that included this line: “There’s a fire in the woodstove, dinner and dessert are in the fridge and the curtain rods are up.”

(That last bit refers to some new curtain rods for our dining room that have been sitting on the floor for weeks). I was thrilled. It was the perfect little gift. I snuggled up in front of the fire with a magazine, and our new kitty, Tangerine. (a blind, eyeless, adorable little thing we adopted from a shelter this weekend). Our 16-year-old cat, Sammy, passed away recently and we all have been grieving for her quite a bit. Tangerine (and uh, the other two cats we’ve also adopted this year) is no substitute, but she is awfully cute.

And the dessert was my favorite:

3 comments to Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Happy Valentine’s Day to you! I love the holiday. Coincidentally, my pal gave me a tissue holder for Valentine’s Day using your tutorial. It’s absolutely beautiful.

  • Sorry to hear about your poor cat passing away, we have a poorly cat here and I hope he will be ok for a little while longer, it is really hard when they leave you. Aaahh you new kitten is just so cute! Just found you via looking for felted eggs, love your video tutorial and will try that this easter, thanks (ps your voice sounds lovely) !

  • Mari Pearson

    I used your tutorial to make 27 cozies, but my daughter didn’t want to give to her teachers on valentine’s day. But tonight we have P/T conferences so I will hand them out. Love your kitty, we have our kitty whom I spent valentine’s day with. I don’t have a sweetie but I spend it with my kids and grand-daughter. You are so right about V-day. I try to show my family and friends how much I cherish them. People that say it’s a Hallmark holiday probably have never just made a gesture of doing something for someone. I would perfer someone helping me pick up around the house more than a bouquet of flowers. Your husband has the right idea.

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