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Giraffes for Christchurch

Wee Wonderfuls Giraffe
These two guys are on their way to New Zealand, where they will be given to children affected by the recent earthquake there. I have had a penpal in New Zealand since I was in 7th grade (We have met twice as adults — once in New York and once in London. Someday I’ll get to New Zealand!) After I made these, I realized I should have made stuffed squirrels. When my friend came to New York, she was fascinated by the squirrels in Central Park because she had never seen them before!
I used a pattern from Wee Wonderfuls: 24 Dolls to Sew and Love.. The spotted guy is made from fabric I won through Deb’s “Present a Week” challenge I did last year at Works in Progress. Deb lives in Christchurch, so I thought it was only appropriate to use some of the fabric she sent me to give back to her community. The other giraffe is made of fleece and corduroy because I wanted to make a more cuddly version. I used some light-weight fusible interfacing on the fleece to keep it from stretching too much.
Leonie at Kiwi at Heart is organizing the effort to collect handmade stuffed animals and dolls. Click below for more information:

2 comments to Giraffes for Christchurch

  • Oh they are GORGEOUS!! and how fitting to use the fabric from Deb, I won some here too last year so Im off to dig it out and use it too!!
    thanks for your wonderful contribution.

  • These are wonderful! And I love that you used some fabric from Deb for one of the giraffes!

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