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Birthday bucket hat

Another project fromĀ “Oliver + S: Little Things to Sew”. This bucket hat is for my son’s friend, Ally, who is having a space-themed birthday party at our local planetarium tomorrow. (Don’t tell my son I bought this fabric a while ago to make him something… and then never did anything with it!) This was a fast, easy project until the very last step. The way the hat is put together, you sew the cap of the lining on by hand, and then turn the hat to the right side and top stitch near where the side meets the brim. When I did that, this it what happened in the inside, it’s all wonky and uneven.

So I don’t think this truly works as a reversible hat but hopeful the birthday girl will like the rockets enough to prefer that side.

I’m thinking that if I make this again, I’d make basically two separate hats and then sew them together around the outside edge of the brim, leaving a few inches open to turn it right side out. I’m not sure how well that work, or if I could then topstitch and have it look better…. we’ll see.

5 comments to Birthday bucket hat

  • Oh I love this, you have convinced me to get this book, actually I was convinced after your doll carrier post, but it wasn’t at my local book shoppe. I have yards of that David Walker robots fabric to use up….!

  • Neeta Logsetty

    I very recently (like yesterday) got it in my head to sew reversible bucket hats for my boys, and was up all night searching for tutorials or a pattern to buy. Most of the tutorials I read suggest assembling the hat the way you propose to make future hats. I’ll be sure to let you know how I make out! Beautiful choice of fabric, by the way. How could she not love the space side!

  • I’ve never been able to get both sides to look good when I’ve tried top-stitching through layers like this. The hat looks great, though, and the book sounds great!

  • i’ve been obsessed with making bucket hats lately! yours came out great!

  • Rose

    Hi, it is adorable. I’m wondering – did you use interfacing, if so, what did you use? (and was it iron-on). Thanks, Rose

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