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Paris runway fashions


Technically, these ARE runway fashions, since I made some of them on the plane on our way home from France! These were for my niece, who turned six this week. She has a nice little collection of Barbie doll clothes that my great-aunt made for me and my sister when we were little, and now that I’ve made this batch, I realize how much WORK went into those clothes! I used a few different patterns that I bought when they went on sale for $1.99 at Jo-Ann’s. They are almost entirely sewn by hand, except I did make tiny machine-stitched hems on pieces of fabric BEFORE I cut out the various pattern pieces, so I would have the legs of the pants, for example, already hemmed. Hand-sewing is not my strength, though I think I found this process easier than I would have had I tried to feed such tiny scraps through my machine.

I also made my nephew, who just turned 7, a fort kit, like the one I made a few months ago. Again, I used the Silhouette machine to cut out the iron-on lettering/image for the bag. This time I used cheap flat sheets from IKEA, and some striped IKEA fabric for the bag.


2 comments to Paris runway fashions

  • April

    I love all the great things you make for the various children in your life. People often think that the newest flashy gadget is all that will interest kids, but they usually sincerely appreciate homemade items. I think what you’re doing is great. :)

  • […] I decided that I’m just not up for sewing more Barbie clothes for my niece. I’m going to make her a bunch of polymer clay food for her dollhouse instead, […]

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