October 2011
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After all that, we FORGOT to bring Parker’s mummy hood/hat with us when we went trick-or-treating in a friend’s neighborhood tonight (he did have the full costume for his school parade and our FIRST trick-or-treat outing Friday night, when the downtown shops welcome kids). But, I offered him my black neck warmer and my husband’s black […]

The worst white Ninja costume ever


We seemed to be in a bit of a downward spiral last weekend as I worked to finish Parker’s Halloween costume. After telling me he wanted to be a mummy, he started saying he didn’t want to wear his costume to his school party because everyone would laugh at him “and think it was toilet paper.” […]

Black Cats


Now that it’s been a year since we took in our black cat, Herbie, we definitely believe black cats are GOOD luck. He is so sweet and affectionate, and silly. (He likes jump in the tub when we’re filling it up to drink the water, and will stay in there until the water gets all the […]

Busy Mummy

I’m covering all my holiday bases these days_ making Christmas presents that look more appropriate for Thanksgiving, and getting ready for Halloween. (My husband is on a similarly scrambled schedule _ the AP test kitchen has been testing turkey recipes this week, along with Christmas cookies).

First, I decided that I’m just not up for sewing more […]

Traveler Dress

I was happy to see that Sweet Pea and Pumkins was hosting a sew-a-long to make the Traveler Dress from the Sew Lisette pattern line, since I bought the pattern ages ago when it was on sale, along with the fabric. Even though I didn’t keep up with the sew-a-long, it still motivated me to actually […]

Happy Birthday to me (and my twin!)

My birthday was Tuesday, but I won’t get to see my twin sister until today, so I’m extending the celebration a bit. For part of her gift, I made her an infinity scarf using the ruffled scarf tutorial by Terra at Mama Says Sew, with a few modifications. The fabric is some kind of jersey knit […]

Puzzle Ball

In addition to his main blog and his Food Network blog posts, my husband also has a blog featuring a photo what he packs our son for lunch every day.  Granted, he does not have much time for food styling and photography, but I’ve long felt the photos could be better, so I decided to make him […]