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A Bapron

This little bib/apron (or “bapron”) was so easy to make, I wish I had more babies to make gifts for. This one is headed to a friend of my husband’s, who is having a baby next month.

When I made this, there was a free pattern and tutorial at Craftiness is Not Optional, but if you follow that link you will see that the pattern now costs $6. For some reason, mine looks smaller than the original, especially the arm holes. In fact, I couldn’t really lay mine out to take a picture of it the way it’s shown on the original site. Maybe I cut my bias tape the wrong size? I think it’s OK though, it might just work for a smaller infant, which is fine. Or maybe I screwed up and it really wasn’t such an easy project after all!

I unexpectedly have next week off from work because we have to use up all our vacation by the end of the year instead of carrying it over… so I need to come up with my Christmas sewing/crafting master plan!


4 comments to A Bapron

  • What a great baby present idea! I will have to check out that tutorial!

  • This is perfect…that’s just what it is supposed to look like! I have made three of these so far…my one-year-old GD wears one with every meal! I think you could increase the length of the bias binding that goes around the outer edges for a larger child….would still work! Great job!

  • hello,

    I can not find the boss and the free tutorial.
    Could you give me please?
    thank you

  • Holly

    I’m sorry. When I made this, the pattern and tutorial were free, but it now appears that they are for sale for $6. I will update my post.

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