February 2012
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Catnip Mice

I just realized I never shared these catnip mice I made before Christmas! My son is crazy about cats and wanted to make Christmas presents for the cats at our local animal shelter. So he helped me make these little guys.
I was surprised to see just how many tutorials there are online on making catnip mice, […]

Pretty Pictures

We are getting ready for our annual weekend in Miami, where my husband covers the South Beach Wine & Food Festival. This year, I’m helping out by shooting video of some of his interviews, instead of doing the writing like I did last year. I am a little nervous about that, but looking forward to the warm […]

Lucky Boys

With my husband’s birthday being just a week earlier, I have to admit I don’t do much for him for Valentine’s Day. Plus, he’s not very sentimental! Sometimes I make him little coupons for little things … I’d like to say little romantic things but they’re usually boring, yet appreciated, things like “take a nap while […]

Shruggie II

As my husband’s birthday approached, I knew I could not top last year’s gift, The Shruggie, a fleece shrug-like garment that keeps his arms and shoulders warm while he reads in bed. He is no fan of winter, but the arrival of cold weather was made more bearable when he realized it was time to start wearing […]

For the girls

My editor at AP asked me to write a brief article about how I made my Star Wars light saber Valentines, so I decided to make a few girly versions as well. I’ll post a link once that story is out there, but here are some printables using my niece’s Hello Kitty figurine and a lollipop […]