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A pair of mittens, eggs and pigs



I finished my thrummed mittens for my sister! March 28 may seem late for new mittens, but we do still have a bit of snow on the ground, so they will be an appropriate Easter gift! The mitten on the right is turned inside-out, obviously, so you can see the bits of fleece roving that are knitted into the mitten.

This is my first pair of completed mittens, so my standards are low. Are they perfect? No. (The little white “puffs” of fleece on the right hand glove are much bigger than those on the left, so they don’t actually match very well). But are they warm and wearable? Yes.


Parker wanted to do some crafting with me last weekend, and though I would’ve loved to make some kind of cute, pastel, Easter decorations, he wanted more Angry Birds accessories. (I previously made him a few birds and a pig using the patterns and tutorials at Obsessively Stitching). I used the baby pig pattern from there, and an egg pattern from Martha Stewart. 

You will note the eggs are rather lumpy. I was determined to make sure Parker actually helped, so I had him cut out the pattern and trace it onto the fabric, and he handled all the stuffing for both the eggs and piggies.

We also made a nest, loosely following this tutorial at AlphaMom, though we didn’t cut our paper into such tiny strips. In retrospect, doing so would’ve looked a lot better, but Parker was thrilled with our version anyway.




6 comments to A pair of mittens, eggs and pigs

  • I love your boy-themed Easter decorating. And the mittens look very warm!

  • Love your mittens. I live in southern California, so don’t know all about mittens… but… having the “fluffy” stuff on the inside looks cozy…. thanks for sharing!!

  • Holly

    Thank you!

  • Holly

    Thank you! Here in NH, I could probably wear those mittens six months out of the year :)

  • Those are some funky looking warm mittens. Your fingers don’t get caught in all the little dangly loops? I suppose they would felt up. They are beautiful from the outside. I’m curious to see how they feel/perform after a year!

    And it always makes me happy to see wobbly projects made with help! Conversely it makes me sad to see perfect projects made with ‘help’. I wonder if my kids would like those Angry Birds…

  • Holly

    The loops kind of compress together, and I’m guessing they will eventually felt together. I liked how soft they feel, my son tried on one mitten and hated it.

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