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New Space


Just in time for Christmas crafting, I have a whole new room to myself! We are planning a major renovation of our kitchen for next summer, but we’ve already started moving stuff around now. Ultimately, we will be expanding the kitchen, turning a pantry into a bathroom, the sun room into a living room, the living room into a dining room, the dining room into a family room/ toy room, the toy room into library and the guest room into a craft room. Whew. That is exhausting just to type out! But we’ve already swapped some of the rooms, and so far we really like the changes.

My new craft room owes its existence mostly to the fact that my husband was sick of my clutter! We used to have a home office downstairs that included both of our computers and my sewing desk, plus all my supplies. And we had a guest room upstairs, that included our elliptical machine and a sleeper sofa, but we almost never have guests. So with the new arrangement, the elliptical machine is downstairs in my husband’s office, the sofa is in the dining room (sounds odd, but it works) and all my stuff is upstairs.




The only thing we purchased was the gray shelving and the clear plastic bins in the above picture. The shelves are the Vittsjo¬†shelves from IKEA, which are black, but we spray painted them gray. It’s hard to see in these pictures, but the shelves are glass. Otherwise, we had everything else in the old office and other parts of the house. (The table is made out of IKEA Expedit shelves topped by an old door we snagged when our AP office got torn down years ago).

The large boxes on the gray shelves are just inexpensive shipping cartons I bought from Staples (I had to buy a pack of 20, but I will use the rest for something else!) I measured wrong, however, and thought I was purchasing boxes that also would fit in the Expedit shelves, but they are way too big. I used to have my fabric scraps shoved into the green drawers, so I really like having them in the plastic bins where I can see them.



That door the thread is hanging on is my closet. Our bedroom has a ridiculously tiny closet, so the two slightly larger closets in this room are where both Jason and I store all our clothes.

I tried to be pretty ruthless in getting rid of stuff as I put this new room together, so many of the green drawers actually are empty. I put together a huge box of stuff for Parker’s art teacher, who’s always looking for new supplies. Some of what I had saved was ridiculous! I LOVE my new space … we’ll see ¬†how neat I can keep it as I get all my Christmas projects done!


3 comments to New Space

  • Elizabeth

    Wow! That is a great space–love the natural light! Enjoy it!

  • mindy

    THIS is what I was lead (by the owl giveaway) to find! I need to re-do my tiny sewing room. I want to retire in 4-5 years and I will for sure be doing some crafting and sewing then. I just sort of dabble in it now. I am full of questions so, here goes:
    * where did you find the green drawers? what do you store in them.
    * where did you find the desk top?
    *I have a serger and a regular Embroidery/quilting/sewing machine ( and all of the stuff that goes with both of them) I see that you have at least one machine. Do you find that you use your machine regularly by leaving it out?

    Take all the time you need to reply, assuming you can. I am in no hurry. I look forward to following your blog. (I’ll check out the hubby’s too)


  • Holly

    Hi Melina,
    We got the green drawers at an unfinished furniture store called The Mill Store at least 10 years ago. (They were unfinished pine, we painted them). I’m still rearranging stuff, and quite a few are empty right now, but I have tape, glue, photo paper, various other paper and supplies for my Silhouette machine, stationary, envelopes, sewing notions (needles, pins, buttons), polymer clay supplies, needle felting supplies, knitting needles… I kind of dabble in a lot of crafts! The desk top is actually an old door that we got when our office building was torn down. We spray painted it silver. I have always had my sewing machine out in the open, and I do think I use it more than I would if it was hidden away. I have a serger I got a yardsale but haven’t used it enough to get comfortable with it. Good luck!

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