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Giveaway Day

Welcome to my giveaway! For first-time visitors, I am a reporter for The Associated Press by day, crafter by night. This blog has been a bit neglected as of late because we are getting ready for a home renovation project that requires us to move out for a few months, starting Saturday! But in the midst of packing, I did find some time to make a few goodies for Sew, Mama, Sew!’s giveaway day.

I am offering a set of colorful coasters I made using the Modern Geometric Table Runner & Coaster pattern featured earlier this month at Sew, Mama, Sew!, and a set of notecards I made using photographs I have taken. The winner will get the coasters and his/her choice of notecard sets, either the “Color Collection,” or “Granite State Seasons.” (I personally like the “Seasons” set better, but I can see how that might not have broad appeal beyond New Hampshire/New England!















For a chance to win, just leave a comment, including which notecard set you would pick.  If you are feeling chatty, tell me about your favorite summer beverage.

I will close comments at 10 p.m. EST Friday, and will announce the winner Saturday. I will ship internationally.

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91 comments to Giveaway Day

  • Kay

    Thank you for a fun giveaway. I would love set number one as I really like the photos particulary the one with the strawberries. My favourite summer drink is Elderflower cordial.

  • Laura Simoes

    I love everything you do, including both notecard sets. Best wishes with the relocation–the view will be better!
    As for favorite summer cocktails, I say anything served in a mason jar while sitting in an Adirondack chair, looking out over Wild Goose Pond. Too obvious?

  • Dana

    I love card sent #2. I live in New England, but am moving to the Pacific Northwest soon so I’d love to remember this area when I write cards to friends. And I love sangria in the summer.

  • I like notecard set #2 and my favorite summer beverage is strawberry lemonade.

  • I love the first notecard set. And in summer, I love to sip on iced tea and cold coffee. Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  • Liz

    Set #1 is more my style. Lovely images on both though! I’m a summer margarita drinker, but am happy with an ice cold beer too!

  • Janet Frank

    I like #1, but, both are very pretty! My favorite summer drink is good ole homemade lemonade with strawberries frozen in ice cubes.

  • Set #1.
    Favorite summer drink? Gin & Tonic. I rarely drink and when asked for doctor visits “how many drinks per week?” I have to reply 12/year which seems to confound medical personnel. But I can slurp down two gin & tonics on the right summery day in an enviable fashion.

    I have my own two sms giveaways.
    Thanks for the chance to win your darling cards

  • Iced tea is my go-to summer drink but homemade Meyer lemon lemonade is a close second! I’d go for the :colors” cards. Thanks!

  • I love both sets of cards, but the envelopes in set 2 won me over to that side!

  • Alyce Rodriguez

    I would got with the Color Collection. Love sweet iced tea any time of the year. Thanks! wonderlandbyalyce(at)gmail(dot)com

  • I love note card set 1! such great colors. Thanks for the giveaway! I’m a simple girl so my favorite summer drink is an ice cold Pepsi!

  • Erin

    What a lovely giveaway – I like the first notecard set best. My favorite summer drink would have to be homemade lemonade. And my favorite adult summer beverage is iced tea with mango rum. Yum yum. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Gill

    I like set #2
    My favourite summer drink is Pimms!

  • I love to travel so set 2 catches my eye! My favorite summer drink is Horchata it’s a mexican drink, rice water.

  • Sandy

    Color Collection is wonderful. The 2nd set is beautiful, too.

  • Beth

    Notecard set two – I love maps!
    Right now I a drinking iced tea, but my very favorite would be a frozen margarita!

  • I like set #2 – beautiful places I’d love to visit someday. Pop on over to my website for a giveaway too!

  • Emme

    I love notecard set #1, and lynchburg lemonades in the summer!

  • I would choose the NOTECARD SET 1.

  • I love the scenery (especially water scenes) in set 2. My favorite summer drink is a huge glass of ice water with a little slice of lemon or lime in it. (I would say a Margarita, but there is too much sugar in it for those of us with diabetes.)

  • Chris

    I love the second notecard set! My favorite summer drink is probably strawberry lemonade. I have a big sweet tooth!

  • Danijela

    Lovely note cards,I would love set 2,please.Thank you for the chance to win it.Water,juices,ice nescafé are my sumer drinks.

  • Jess

    My favorite summer beverage is anything lemonade. I was at a local store (PCC) and realized that lemonade isn’t just lemonade; I found some ginger lemonade and some spicy lemonade and spicy limeade, etc. If I had more money I’d rotate through them every day. :)

    I’m nowhere near the East Coast, but I really like a lot of the ones in set 2.

  • Rebecca

    I love the first set. I have a 2 yr old and he loves fruit and flowers!
    Thanks for the chance to win. This summer I hope to sip on some nice sweet tea w fresh mint

  • Debra Kay Neiman

    I like the second set. My favorite summertime drink is Southern SWEET Tea. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  • I love the first set; food and floral photography always makes me smile. As for my favourite summer drink, cold water for those super hot days and Rekorderlig fruit cider for the warm nights. :)

  • I love set number 1 for the colors! :) My favorite summer drink is lemonaid. :)

  • BreannaS

    I love set number one. I love how they look like Polaroid pictures.

  • DebbieK

    Very nice! I like set 1 best. Thanks!

  • Linda Stewardson

    I like set number 2.

  • Sarah

    I like number 2. My favorite summer beverage (besides water) is iced tea with milk and sugar.

  • Laura

    I love set #2. My favorite summer beverage is fresh lemonade!

  • Erika

    Hi Holly! Love seeing your creations! I love the seasons cards but especially the coasters. I am a big fan of sun brewed mint iced tea

  • Set one :) And water. Boring, possibly. Life-giving, definitely :)

  • Rachel R.

    Notecard set 2 is beautiful! Love it! My favorite summer beverage is freshly squeezed lemonade. So refreshing!

  • Love the colors in notecard set #1!

  • I’d love to have the Granite State Seasons note card set – I love seeing places I haven’t yet visited!

    My favorite drink in all seasons is plain old ice water.

  • Amy C

    I love both the card sets but I would have to pick set one for the amazing colours!! You are very talented. Happy giveaway day!

  • Beth T.

    Boy, the second set is my favorite because of those darling map envelopes! (Both sets of photos are great, but the maps put the 2nd set over the top.)

  • Oooh, pretty colours! I’d pick the ‘colours’ notecard set, I’m such a sucker for bright, cheerful colours. :-)

    Favourite summer beverage? Sparkling elderflower, yum!

  • […] 3. I love these notecards by Stitch/Craft. […]

  • rebmara

    I like the seasons notecard set. My favorite summer drink is cold mint water (refrigerated water left overnight with some mintleafs in it (or other herbs for change))

  • Desiree

    I like set #1 and love strawberry lemonade.

  • KatieQ

    My favorite summer beverage is ice cold water. Sometimes, I add some crushed mint leaves from my garden.

    Thank you for offering the lovely giveaway. I live in the little triangle of New York that sticks into Fairfield County CT. Our area is considered part of New England. My daughter graduated from Wellesley and Tufts both in MA and now lives in MA. Our much delayed spring is finally here along with lots of May flies.

  • Tamie

    Notecard set number one for me. And I always have some sweet iced tea on hand. I’m from the south you know. Thanks for participating in the Giveaway Day.

  • I love the color collection notecards – so bright and pretty! :)

  • ashley

    I love both sets, but would pick the color collection. I love lemonade year round, but spring and summer it tastes the best :)

  • Robin

    I like the colorful collection, set 1! Lovely and thank you

  • barbara corbitt

    wow are you one talented lady or what??!! i would take notecard set one. love your coasters. Would it be safe to say you like color? Favorite summer drink, sweet tea. thank you so much for a beautiful giveaway.

  • Nicola

    I would choose the Colour Collection notecards. Both sets are pretty but as you said, it has less appeal to me here in South Africa! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Karen B

    I would go with the color collection. I have enjoyed visiting New England but I really like your color cards! I like watered down orange juice. People think I’m weird, but it’s refreshing and doesn’t leave an overly-sweet taste in my mouth. Even better if I can water it down with sparkling water!

  • I love the seasons notecards. And my favorite summer drink is one we invented. Muddle blackberries and mint with a little honey then add club soda. (It helps that the blackberries, mint, and honey all come from our backyard!)

  • Joan H.

    I like set no. 1. They are beautiful. I am a strawberry lemonade drinker.

  • Definitely the second set. As for a summer beverage my all year round favourite is cherry pepsi max.

  • I like both sets! But I’m going to give it to set #1 because of the whale. My #1 summer drink is a homemade iced latte.

  • Kirsten

    I like the second set. They seem dreamier. Favourite summer drink is a slurpy.

  • I love solids! I also live in the woods like #1 reminds me of nature! Beautiful!

  • Sandy

    I would choose set #2, I love the lighthouse and gull. My favorite summer drink is a Mojito!

  • Mandi

    set 1 looks more summer-y!

  • Chris

    I love both sets but I guess set 1 fits me more. Favorite drink, well I don’t drink , health reasons. I appreciate water a little trick I learned is to throw frozen raspberries,lemon,orange, watermelon slices or any fruit, just a little in a big tall glass of ice water and as they melt your water has a wonderful hidden taste.

  • Mruna

    Set 1! Love the colors!

    I prefer fresh watermelon juice or coconut water to beat the heat!

  • Note set #2 would be my choice. I really like cold water the best!

  • Set #1, please! I love lemonade in the summer, you know the one you make from lemons and sugar? REAL lemonade that is.

  • Kristen

    I love set #2 and lately I have enjoyed drinking iced passion fruit tea with lemonade!

  • Hard to choose… probably the colour ones :) I am a sucker for raspberry lemonade… and were I wanting an alcholic beverage, I would add Amaretto to it :)

  • Charlotte L

    I love a nice cold Pina Colda on the beach in summer! I dreamin! Thanks for the chance. I like set 1
    clunsford at gmail dot com

  • kathy h

    I love the colors in Notecard set 1. my favorite summer beverage is homemade lemonade.

  • Bonnie

    I would pick the first set! Thanks!

  • Crystal

    I have been meaning to make some coasters! So this would be perfect! I like the first set of pictures best 😀

  • I’d pick the colour ones please

  • I like #1 and I love Tea with splenda and lemon. thanks

  • I LOVE both sets and can’t pick one… so I guess I would let you pick & surprise me. LOL. I Love suprises. I love to drink Half & Half… Sweet tea and lemonade in a mason jar. There is something very Americania about it too me. Thank You for the chance to win your wonderful notecards & coasters.

    In Kind Regards,
    Tricia of Mid-MI.

  • katie

    set 1. love the strawberries.

  • Susan

    Both sets are so colorful and vibrant. I would love either set and would be tickled to find one in the mail. Surprise me!

  • Rebecca T

    My favorite summer drink is a Mojito! Although I also enjoy water with sliced strawberries and fresh basil in it!

    Note card set 1 is my preference

  • Danette

    My favorite summer beverage is Margarita with salt, of course. I like #2.

  • Both sets of notecards are really beautiful! I think I’d choose the seasons pack – gorgeous colours!

    I’m a bit boring as drinks go, I rarely drink anything besides water and diet coke and soy milk! I do like Sangria, though, once in a while!

  • Victoria

    I love notecard set #1. I love fruity iced teas and lemonade in the summer. They taste like summer to me.

  • Pat K

    My favorite set of note cards is the second one. I have always loved scenery photos. My favorite summer drink is lemonade. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Thanks for doing this giveaway! Although I think both notecard sets look beautiful, I’m particularly a fan of the second set!

  • Lauren

    I’d go with the seasons! Great photos.

  • Wehaf

    I love all the cards, but would probably choose the color collection.

  • A nice gin and tonic on a hot day. I love both sets of cards and would be happy to receive either.

  • SS

    I’m from New Hampshire, too, so I’d pick the second set. Thanks!

  • Sue

    I love the color set! The images look like you could reach out and touch them! For summer or for that matter anytime, I love either ice tea with lots of lemon or lemonade to drink! Yummy!

  • I love the color collection note card set. My favorite summer beverage is iced tea. Thanks for the chance! :)

  • Michelle Smith

    I love set 1. My favorite summer beverage is sweet tea

    detroitgirl77 AT gmail DOT com

  • wow those are amazing. Hard to choose, but I think Notecard set #2.

    My favorite all age drink, iced passion fruit tea. Adult: Sangria

  • Jessie Hansen

    I would pick the colors set because I really like colors. My favorite summer beverage is straight up lemonade. Can’t beat it in the heat.

  • Cheryl

    I love set #2! And I can’t live without my sweet tea in the summer!