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Holiday Photo Projects

If you’re looking for my Sew, Mama, Sew! Giveaway, click HERE.

I’m in the middle of the very tedious process of scanning lots and lots of old holiday photos, so I decided to make a few projects and write about them for AP. All three combine photos of me and my sister growing up, with a snippet […]

Giveaway Day!

I’m a day late, but here’s my offering for Sew, Mama, Sew!’s giveaway day: a collection of little girly gifts! I made the wallet using the “Snap Trap Wallet” tutorial at Just Another Hang Up.┬áThe top uses pieces of a metal measuring tape to create an opening that snaps open and closed, and there is a […]

New Space

Just in time for Christmas crafting, I have a whole new room to myself! We are planning a major renovation of our kitchen for next summer, but we’ve already started moving stuff around now. Ultimately, we will be expanding the kitchen, turning a pantry into a bathroom, the sun room into a living room, the living […]

What’s black and white and orange all over?

Halloween decorations made with newspaper!


For my latest AP craft story, I made a Halloween wreath and garland using newspaper. I figured, the black and white color scheme is a perfect jumping off point for Halloween decor, and given that I am a journalist, why not encourage people to buy more newspapers!

Building Character

I have to confess, when I purchased Abby Glassenberg’s book, Stuffed Animals: From Concept to Construction, part of me was thinking, “I’m not REALLY interested in designing my own stuffed animals, but I know the book includes at least a few patterns and projects I would like.” The second part is more than true … I […]

Percy Jackson Birthday

After months of saying he wanted a Harry Potter-themed birthday, Parker changed his mind and went with Percy Jackson instead. I was a bit disappointed, but I got over it, and we put together a great party! I was surprised to see how much inspiration there was online. While I don’t think Percy Jackson fans are […]

Harry Potter Birthday Gifts


My niece and nephew just turned 8 and 9, and since I know they love Harry Potter (and I’ve finally broken down and started reading the books myself), I decided to make all their gifts related to the books.

First, I created a Hogwarts-themed design using my Silhouette machine to make them t-shirts. The golden […]

Buntings Big and Small

I realize I’m several years behind in jumping on the pennant/bunting bandwagon … but after years of seeing pretty quilts, pillows and other projects, I’ve finally made a few myself. First, I made a sunglasses case for my best friend’s birthday:

Once again, I used a modified version of the Snappy Bag tutorial at Just Another Hang […]

How to Make a Bunch of 8-year-olds Jealous

Today was my son’s last day of third grade! A lot of other schools around here still have a week or so left, but Parker’s school never has snow days, so he gets out a bit early. He has two awesome teachers this year, so I wanted to make them some treats to say thank you.

First […]

If I only had an owl…

This birthday gift would’ve arrived on time, instead of being a few days late! But like I always say, why not extend the celebration a bit?

This is a collection of Harry Potter-themed items for a friend who is turning 10 today. But Parker was so enamored with everything I made┬áthat he decided he wants a Harry […]