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Giraffes for Christchurch

These two guys are on their way to New Zealand, where they will be given to children affected by the recent earthquake there. I have had a penpal in New Zealand since I was in 7th grade (We have met twice as adults — once in New York and once in London. Someday I’ll get to […]

Summer Dresses

Now that it’s fall, I’m finally getting around to posting the two dresses I made this summer, both for the same wedding. The first was Burda 8071, the one I posted earlier asking advice on whether to add the flounce around the bottom. I did not end up going with the flounce, in large part because […]

The Birthday From Outer Space

handmade birthday party stuffed cat […]

Double Birthday

My adorable niece and nephew celebrated their 5th and 6th birthdays last weekend with an outdoor party, water balloons and two cakes: chocolate with Sleeping Beauty on top for the birthday girl and vanilla with Buzz Light Year on top for the birthday boy. I made my niece two sundresses, one for her and one for […]

Paintbox Pillow

I STILL haven’t finished the Paintbox Quilt I started months ago, but in the meantime, I used half of the little pieces I cut out for the back of the quilt (I’m going to do something more plain on the quilt instead) to make this floor pillow for the reading corner in my son’s classroom. His […]

Secret Agent Kit

I put together this gift for my friend’s 7-year-old, who is very into spies and secret agent stuff. The bag is made from an old pair of my husband’s cargo shorts using this tutorial at Noodlehead, though I had to modify the size and shape a bit because I only had shorts to work with instead […]

My apprentice

I loved reading Beverly Cleary books when I was young, and my 5-year-old really likes having them to read to him now. We’ve gone through all the Henry Huggins books, The Mouse and the Motorcycle, and the Ramona Quimby series multiple times. After listening to a chapter in “Ramona and her Mother” that featured Romona using […]

Paintbox Quilt Top

Here’s the finished top to my Paintbox Quilt from the quilt-a-long at Oh, Fransson! (turned 90 degrees so it wouldn’t drag on the floor). I wasn’t going to post any pictures of this quilt until I was done, but I have a bad feeling I’m going to mess up the quilting so I might as well show […]

Ticker Tape Doll Quilt

As my son gets invited to more and more birthday parties, I’ve noticed the trend of kids NOT opening their gifts during the party. I understand the reasons for it, but I also think it’s nice for my son to see his friend open the gift he brought, rather than have it squirreled away to be […]

Robot Memory Game

I don’t generally go crazy with my son’s Easter basket, and especially so this year given that our house looks like the day after Christmas thanks to generous friends and family who showered him with gifts after his recent surgery. But I did make him this little memory game featuring his current obsession: robots.

My first thought […]