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Pop-out Photos Tutorial

AP Photo/Holly Ramer

I’ve written a tutorial for the pop-out/3-D pictures I’ve been making as gifts. You can read my AP story here.

(I always find it funny to see where the craft stories I write for AP end up. It gets sent out as part of our “lifestyles” package. Some websites put it under “health.” Others […]

New-and-improved Story Dice

Back in December, I posted a tutorial for the story dice I made as gifts for some of my son’s friends. The basic idea is that you roll the dice and use whatever picture is facing up to tell a story.  I really liked how they turned out, but the packing tape transfer technique was quite labor-intensive, […]

Felted Eggs

Even though I am a smidge more Irish than I am anything else, I’m going to let St. Patrick’s Day pass and move right along to Easter crafts. Here are some of the wet felted eggs I made last year. I used cheap plastic eggs as a base and felted over them. For the open egg, […]

Be My Valentine (but keep your germs to yourself)

I have no idea what we’ll do this year yet, but last year I made 20 tissue cozies for my son’s preschool classmates. I’m sure the kids would’ve preferred candy but figured the parents would appreciate the tissues during cold and flu season.

Depending on how far you want to carry the theme, attach a […]

Gifts for far-flung friends

I just spent three days with my best friend who lives much, much too far away. In addition to the good company and good food, I also got a chance to see her family and inspect whether they REALLY liked the Christmas gifts I sent them. Though I’m sure it’s possible they only took them out […]

Story Dice Tutorial

Aren’t these little story dice adorable? I used to think so, but making them turned out to be such a frustrating process that I’m no longer sure! I was inspired by this wonderful set at The Small Object  and this tutorial at Matsutake on transfering images to wood using glue and Mod Podge.  But I take full credit […]

Dinosaur Play Mat


An article I wrote last year for CRAFT magazine has now been posted online! Click below to check out the step-by-step instructions, and downloadable templates:

How to: Make a Dinosaur […]

Halloween Snow Globes (minus the snow)

We have been having an annual apple picking party and harvest dinner for about 10 years now, and for the last three or four, I’ve set up a craft table for the kids. I’d like to say that the projects have gotten more involved because the kids are getting older, which is true, but also I […]

Pantyhose Pumpkins

We made these cute pantyhose pumpkins last year at our annual apple-picking party and they were a big hit with the 20 kids ages 3-8 who attended. To save money and time, I cut the pantyhose legs in half and gave each child two pieces to tie together, resulting in mini-pumpkins. This year, I […]

Reversible 4-in-1 Cape

Surprisingly, my son has yet to waver from his desire to be an astronaut for Halloween this year, but here’s something I made him last year in an attempt to cover his ever-changing alter-egos: a reversible, 4-in-1 cape. With two colors to choose from plus button-on embellishments and a button-on hood, he can quickly transform himself from […]