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Thanksgiving Bunting


Here’s my latest craft project for the AP: a scalloped fabric bunting. I know there are lots of tutorials out there already, but I tried to streamline the process a bit by using circles cut in half, and by making the largest scallops I could using 1/4-yard cuts of fabric.

I actually made a longer version of the bunting to decorate for our apple-picking party last month, then tweaked it a bit to turn it into Thanksgiving decor.  But I’m already thinking about Christmas, birthdays and other celebrations. The links below will take you to a written tutorial as well as an audio slideshow with step-by-step instructions.

Thanksgiving bunting AP article

Thanksgiving bunting AP slideshow

4 comments to Thanksgiving Bunting

  • i think its great that you added the pretty ribbon and the little tags with what you are thankful for to the bunting. makes it much more special (and pretty)

  • […] project dates back to 2009! At least, that’s when I wrote a tutorial for making a simple half-circle bunting for Thanksgiving. I think I made a Halloween version for my sister, who has an annual pumpkin-carving party, and had […]

  • […] Our newly renovated living room still is a bit of a work in progress. We still have some touch-up painting to do, and I still have to make a slipcover for one of our old chairs. And figure out what to put on the walls, and how to deal with the windows. Before this room was enlarged during our renovation, we didn’t use it much because it was so narrow there wasn’t room for much furniture. So it didn’t bother me that we have nothing on the windows. But now that we use it a lot more, it feels a bit exposed at night. The windows are huge, but they have glass shelves running across them, which means curtains won’t really work. I’m thinking that sheer shades that hang behind the shelves would work,  because there is a bit of room between the windows and the shelves, but they are expensive given the non-standard sizes of the windows. So for now, they’re only covered by this bunting! (You can find my tutorial on how to make one HERE) […]

  • […] send a statement. Next, I love the curves in this variant of the traditional triangle bunting. From Stitch Craft Creations I love the addition of the tags with things you are thankful […]

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