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“More than brilliant, creative and imaginative”

I’m not quite sure why, but for the last few years my family has not eaten much breakfast cereal, so I was always disappointed when I saw awesome crafts using cereal boxes. But recently my husband (who does all the grocery shopping, lucky for me!) started buying cereal again, so I’ve been squirreling away the boxes in my son’s craft drawer.

First up was cereal box journal based on this tutorial at The Long Thread. I decided to adhere the fabric to the printed side of the cardboard to leave the inside cover blank. I didn’t have any spray adhesive, so I used strips of Stitch Witchery fusible webbing to iron the fabric on. Obviously a sheet of webbing like Steam-a-Seam would work better, but since I had the Stitch Witchery on hand, I went with that. It seems to be holding pretty well!

I’ve been trying to do a few “schoolwork” projects with my son while he’s home from kindergarten recovering from getting his tonsils out, so I asked him to draw a picture and then try to write the word to go with it. He drew this nice steam shovel, and then threw a huge fit about writing it, which escalated into him screaming at me “YOU’RE MAKING ME YELL AND CRY AND HURT MY THROAT.” Sigh… surely others have faced this scenario of lovingly making something for a child who doesn’t quite appreciate it?

Just when I was about to get discouraged though, I discovered that a blog in Hungary had written a post about the mini treehouse my husband and I made. And thanks to Google Translator, I now know how to write

” Holly Ramer, is more than brilliant, creative and imaginative. I can not find the words to it really, just staring at the pictures jaw dropped.” in Hungarian.

Ha. I will try to stay humble.

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