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“Army Guy”

We visited the USS Intrepid Museum in New York in August, and since then, my son has been obsessed with “Army guys.” No matter how many times I tell him that there were “Navy guys” on the Intrepid. He insists that all other branches of the military fall under the Army, and therefor insisted on being an Army guy for Halloween.

I made his costume in record time (I actually finished it in late September!) using Simplicity 3997 and some twill camoflauge fabric I got for 50 percent off at JoAnn’s.  I made a size 6 based on his measurements, thinking the pattern probably ran large, but it actually just fits. I was hoping it would be a bit big so he could wear it after Halloween for a while for dress-up play. The pants were incredibly simple to make. The jacket was a bit trickier given my lack of experience with collars and facings, but overall not too difficult. The original design calls for short sleeves, but we live in New Hampshire where it is often FREEZING on Halloween, so I used the long-sleeve pattern from one of the other costumes instead. I’m hoping we can fit some long-underwear under the jacket if it gets really cold.

The helmet came from a Haloween/party supply store.

Overall I’m happy with the costume, but I don’t like it as much as the astronaut outfit I made last year by covering a thrift-store snowsuit with white duct tape.

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