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Scrambled Eggs

I’m not sure why I feel so drawn to Easter crafts given that my family really does not do much to celebrate Easter… I guess it is the pretty spring colors. Here’s my latest attempt, and much like the Silhouette eggs, this project was not quite successful.

My main inspiration for this egg was a tutorial on the Rachel Berry Blog. She made egg shapes out of aluminum foil and then covered them with clay, but then I read about how it is possible to cover REAL eggs with clay.

I really wanted to try these amazing polymer clay-covered eggs by Liz Smith, as seen on the Martha Stewart show, but figured I would start with what I hoped would be the simpler process of covering a a blown-out egg with a solid sheet of clay. Problem number 1: curious cats. After I blew out five eggs, I left them to dry on our kitchen cutting board. I walked by later and all five were gone… scattered around the house by our cats. I eventually found them all (one had made it all the way downstairs and was under our woodstove) but all but one had been broken. Ugh.

Problem number 2: My experience with polymer clay has been limited to making teeny-tiny charms. So I really had no idea how difficult it is to condition/soften a huge hunk of clay. I am a weakling. After many minutes of trying to blend some blue and white clay, I decided to go for a swirly, marbled look. But since I do not have a pasta machine for clay, rolling it out evenly and large enough also was much more difficult than I had anticipated. By this time, I was pretty sick of this project so I slapped the clay on rather sloppily. There were a few bumps that I tried to smooth out, but it was hard.

Problem number 3: My son sometimes uses my alphabet stamps and doesn’t always clean them well. So when I went to stamp the letters, some ink got on the clay. I decided then that I would paint the egg afterward.

In the end, I painted the egg this light blue, used a Sharpie to color in the letters and then used brown paint and a toothbrush to add the speckles. Finished it off with a coat of spray-on on gloss.

I don’t hate it but it was a lot of trouble. Maybe next year I’ll just paint some wooden eggs.

I do still love the felted wool eggs I made a few years ago: (Click HERE for my audio slideshow/tutorial)

Felted Eggs

My Silhouette eggs also were featured with lots of pretty ideas at Pure Joy Events.

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