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Passport Dress

Just in time for our big vacation to France (!!!), I made this Passport Dress from Sew Lisette (Simplicity 2209). I really like this line of patterns by Liesl Gibson, the designer of the Oliver + S children’s patterns. In fact, I bought 3 of the 4 patterns when Jo-Ann’s had the Simplicity pattern sale for 5 for $5. The Lisette line of fabric was also on sale for 50 percent off, so I stocked up and plan to make the jacket that goes with this dress out of a green twill, a skirt, top and another dress. We’ll see how well that goes!

This dress was surprisingly easy to make, though my measurements are a bit challenging in that I have a small top and hips, and larger waist in comparison. So I made the waist a little bigger. And I had to chop at least three inches off the length of the skirt. The top is still a little loose, so I will have to wear my super-padded bra and stand up straight! (I’m also noticing a weird crease in the top of the picture, but that isn’t there now).
My husband actually noticed and complimented the diagonal darts at the waist (hard to see with this print), and said the dress made me look taller (I think that’s the high heels!). It’s not Paris chic but it will do!

8 comments to Passport Dress

  • I’ll have to look for some of those patterns – I noticed the diagonal darts right away, and love the look! What a fun summer dress!

    I have the same body proportion issues, so if you ever have tips to share I’d love to hear them!

  • Brigette

    So cute! And I really like the fabric!

  • SO cute! Have fun in France we went last summer with the kids and I wish we were going again.

  • Looks beautiful! You really scored at that Joann’s sale. I have the same pattern but haven’t go to it yet, I want to make the passport jacket as well. I have had some difficulty with the sizing as well (I made the portfolio dress) and found I was not a standard size. Enjoy wearing your dress in France!

  • I had the same problem with having a smaller top/waist than hips. I ended up pinching the excess fabric on both of the back darts, up the center line that you place on the fold, and pinching up the shoulder seams a bit. This helped to get rid of some of the bagginess in the front.

  • I love it! I also bought all of her patterns as soon as they went on sale. My local fabric store is having a summer sale and I plan to buy fabric to make this dress.

  • Kathy H.

    I navigated here by way of Remarkably Domestic, and when I saw this post, I just had to say: this dress is GORGeous! I would pay a bunch for it, and how cute is it that you have the contrasting yellow shoes?! It’s fantastacute, that’s what it is!

  • […] intended for this to go with the dress I made, but now that it’s done, I don’t like how it looks with the shape of the dress. I […]

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