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Independence Day

Still recovering from our wonderful trip, we had an equally wonderful day today with our friends and family. I had to work this morning, but since that involved following presidential candidates along a parade route, I at least got to enjoy being outside and celebrating the 4th of July. (of course, that also meant walking all the way back to my car when the parade was over). Then headed home for a cookout with my husband’s family and several of my son’s friends and their families. My husband’s burgers and potato salad featuring his hand-cured bacon were amazing, and my contribution wasn’t bad either:

I tried to make a seven-minute frosting, which failed miserably, so at the last second I had to make some buttercream. I got the idea from Glorious Treats, who got it from 17 and Baking. It actually was not difficult, though it was time consuming. (I made the cakes a day ahead). Not in a million years would I have figured out on my own how to get that effect, but really it just involves tinting the cake layers and cutting a circle out of certain layers using a cookie cutter. I’m already looking forward to bringing some to work tomorrow!



4 comments to Independence Day

  • I am glad you had a memorable holiday amd wonderful 4th of July! Well done on that cake, how fun!

  • Oh my gosh I love the cake!!! Thanks for posting. I will definately have to make it next year for the fourth.

  • Leanne

    Thanks for citing where you got the ideas. It is such a fabulous cake, and it makes me sad when bloggers don’t post their resources. I have seen this cake on many other blogs, but they never said where they got the idea from. Great job by the way, your cake looks amazing!

  • What a creative idea! I just love it!

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