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My 7 Links

Beth at Remarkably Domestic recently tagged me for this post. If you aren’t familiar with her blog, please check it out! I started reading it last year for her her hilarious posts about working her way through the Martha Stewart Encyclopedia of Crafts and have been hooked ever since.

OK, here are my quickly compiled highlights:

Most Beautiful Post: Last Minute Valentine

I’m taking my cue from Beth a bit and highlighting a sentimental post. Since I don’t really write much about my personal life, or showcase photos of anything other than craft projects, this is the best I could come up with _ a craft project that highlights a sweet drawing my son made for me.

Most Popular Post: A Busytown Birthday

This post by far drives more traffic to my blog than any other. Sadly, we just sold the Busytown building set at a yardsale last weekend, it’s all LEGOs all the time here now. But at least the stuffed Huckle is still around.

Most Controversial Post: More Silhouette Shirts
I don’t think any of my posts have generated any real controversy, but this one includes a picture I took of Sarah Palin, who is nothing if not controversial.

Most Helpful Post: Valentine Pocket Warmers

I have no idea if anyone has actually made any of these, but I think it could be very helpful for someone looking to make a bunch of small gifts quickly and cheaply (17 cents worth of flannel per hand warmer!)

A Post Whose Success Surprised Me: Travel Game Folios

This project got featured on a few other websites, which was surprising given that it was a last-minute, thrown together idea. To be honest, battleship ended up being a bit too complicated for my 6-year-old, and he ended up drawing on the OUTSIDE of the folder as well as the wipe-off surface, but it did keep him occupied through several long meals while we were on vacation.

A Post That Didn’t Get the Attention it Deserved: Have a HOLLY jolly Christmas

I really enjoyed coming up with a bunch of different ways to turn children’s artwork into Christmas gifts, beyond the usual “make wrapping paper” idea.

The Post I’m Most Proud of: Find your way to better vacation souvenirs

This was my very first post! It still amazes me that somehow since then, people in every state and 140 other countries have found their way here. Appropriately enough, that first post is about using maps to decorate.

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