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When worlds collide

I’ve been a terrible blogger lately, in large part because we recently bought a very dilapidated summer cabin on a pond, and have spending every spare moment on not-very-fun DIY projects. But, the transformation has been amazing. In the first nine days, we went from this: (well, most of the furniture and stuff had been removed by the time we got it, but still…)


To this:

Can you believe that floor was hiding under old linoleum and carpet? We just cleaned it well and polyurethaned it.

And, we have my son’s 7th birthday party coming up on Saturday, so I am scrambling to get all my little crafty projects done for that.  I hope to have lots to share next week, including a give-away, so stay tuned!
In the meantime, I was at Petco this week _ and was startled to see Martha Stewart products.  For a second, I thought maybe she had branched out to craft supplies for pets. I wasn’t so much surpised by the  by the plush doggie beds, etc… but by this:

REALLY? Martha Stewart brand dog waste bags?
Though I guess I should not poke fun. I was there to buy a cat pheremone diffuser. Yes. It’s like a plug-in air freshener, except it emits cat pheremones. We’re having a little issue with our blind cat, Tangerine, not using her litterbox. (Nothing to do with her being blind… she used it without trouble for the first six months we had her.) Her vet recommended this diffuser, which is supposed to calm your cats and get them to use their litterboxes. We’ll see.
Good thing she’s so cute. (with her belly shaved for her inconclusive-yet-expensive ultrasound, trying to stowaway in a bag of clothes I was taking to the camp)

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