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More Recycled Note Cards

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to start writing cards and letters to my far-flung friends instead of relying on e-mail and Facebook. I had a vague plan to write a letter to a different friendĀ each month, and maybe include some handmade notecards to encourage them to write back (or write to someone else!) I’ve failed to carry through so far, but I finally made myself some notecards… now I just have to send them!

The nudge to actually start comes from the Silhouette Plus forum, which has been a great resource as I start using my Silhouette machine more. The forum includes monthly challenges. This month’s card challenge was to make a card using recycled material, so I made these cards using bits of newspaper, a map and an Old Navy ad. I think I like the map the best, though as a journalist, I should favor the newspaper version!

The design is inspired by this bookmark project by Patricia Zapata at A Little Hut.

2 comments to More Recycled Note Cards

  • Oh, wow, those came out GREAT! I can’t pick a favorite: I think what I like is all three of them in a group.

  • Kate

    These are really cool Holly! So, can you see the recycled material on the inside, or do you cover that with another sheet? Just curious how they look inside too.

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