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How to Make a Bunch of 8-year-olds Jealous

Today was my son’s last day of third grade! A lot of other schools around here still have a week or so left, but Parker’s school never has snow days, so he gets out a bit early. He has two awesome teachers this year, so I wanted to make them some treats to say thank you.

First up was a batch of handmade donuts for Mr. B. A few weeks ago, I tried this Muffin Tin Donut recipe from Cook’s Country magazine, and was surprised at how good they were. They really did have the texture and taste of cake donuts, without the frying (and in the shape of muffins). So I made another batch, this time using a donut pan and they came out great.




I packaged them in a cute box that was among a rather large collection of Martha Stewart Crafts boxes that her company sent my husband years ago. I’ve been hoarding them and saving them for special occasions :) And the super cute label was made using a free download at Confetti Sunshine.




For Parker’s other teacher, Miss Lisa, I made a little case she can put her sunglasses in this summer, and had Parker write her a note on the matching card. I used the Snappy Bag Tutorial at Just Another Hang Up, minus the ruffle, and making the bag longer and narrower. I had plenty of tape measure left over from the kids’ wallets I made using another one of Suzanne’s great tutorials, and I love how the top of the case snaps open and closed.


Parker also picked up some candy for his teachers at a great little candy shop. That’s a bag of gummy fried eggs and lobster (!) on the left, and lobster and candy legos on the right!


Speaking of candy, my husband (who packs all of Parker’s lunches, and is publishing a cookbook about lunches) has a tradition of letting Parker have whatever he wants for lunch on the last day of school. Here’s where the jealousy comes in… lots of Parker’s fellow students were quite jealous when they saw what he ended up with!



2 comments to How to Make a Bunch of 8-year-olds Jealous

  • That is definitely the lunch to make friends jealous – and a fun tradition!

    I need to hop over to your husband’s site to find out if he recommends a particular lunch box. I like the stainless steel kind, and it looks like that’s what Parker is using!

  • Holly

    Maryanne, We love the Lunch Bots line of metal boxes. And Jason does weekly giveaways of lunch gear!

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